She is a dancer, performer, choreographer, production manager and teacher. She graduated from the conservatory in Nitra (2011) and from the Academy of Performing Arts (2016). She participated in internships abroad (Belgium, France, China). She performed in several Slovak and international productions Night illusion (2016), Support (2017), Assemblage (2018), Watch Now (2019), Diaries of Touch (2020) As a creator, she collaborated on the performances Bottoms up, Touch, Moving Mountains, Thread Sewn. She is the chairwoman and manager of mimoOs activities and member of PLaST. She co-founded the Telohra educational programme.

During almost 30 years in the field of contemporary dance, he has collaborated with a number of Slovak and foreign choreographers and directors (Jozef Vlk – Debris Company, Jozef Fruček and Linda Kapetanea – RootlessRoot Company, Karen Foss Quiet Works). Since 2014, he is a member of the slovak Late Harvest Association, whose work is characterized by open forms and progressive methods of creation and research. In his pedagogical practice he focuses on the principles of contemporary dance with a special focus on up-side down positions and modern partnering. In 2006 he was awarded the prize for the best performing performance in contemporary dance – Philip Morris / Flower of Ballet. He is a graduate of the Math and physics faculty of UK and Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

Eva is a is a freelance choreographer, dancer and performer currently based in Slovakia. Her current research is focused on the concept of flowing energy- She is trying to find a permanent connection between the creative process and daily activities as well as to focus on listening and sensual perception. Sometimes she gets melancholic and lonely, sometimes she feels inspired, encouraged and subtle. As a creator she is inspired by co-dependent, supportive and caring collective work, experimental music, voice and spirit.

An author, director, musician, composer, choreographer, performer, light designer and producer. He founded the Hubris theatre company (now called Debris Company). He participated in several musical and theatrical study stays (Graz, Stuttgart, Amsterdam etc.) and workhops. With the Debris Company he has created more than 25 productions that have been presented in international festivals and venues. As a director and composer he has cooperated with acclaimed Slovak and international artists in musical, theatrical and film projects. He creates his pieces as musical and movement compositions in which light and visual elements play an important role. He is recipient of several awards and nominations for his work (DOSKY awards, Tatrabanka Art Award in the category of music, OSTR-AVAR award for music and others).

In 2018, he graduated in a doctorate research program at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he has been teaching since 2015. Currently, he focuses on the production of his own pieces under the label Yuri Korec & Co. – so far he has produced dBODYm (2017), Solo Not Just For One Body (2018), Not a Solo (2018), Habibi 2196-18 (2018), and online project (2020). He also works in the field of body therapy, particularly ROLFING®, Structural Integration. In March 2011, he became the first certified Rolfer™ in Slovakia.

Slovak dancer and a choreographer. Her works develope connections between music, musical partiture, digital sound, dance and performance which become tightly intertwined in her creations. She creates original and authentic performances which were presented both in Slovakia and internationally. One of her works, DUAL (2017) won the award for the Most Innovative Performance of the Fintdaz International Festival in Chile, along with the award for its contribution to the development of artistic and cultural values ​​in the field of contemporary art.  She collaborates with the German dance group MichaelDouglas Kollektiv.

Studied at the J. L. Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, at SEAD in Salzburg and at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. She was a member of the prestigious Ultima Vez company of the choreographer Wim Vandekeybus. In 2015 she founded her own company Colectivo Priekopník Veverička, which has already produced some successful performances. She is currently based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

He studied at Academy of performing arts in Bratislava a program dance theater and performance. In present he study on prestige experimental dance academy SEAD in Salzburg. He cooperated with known choreographers and performers as an Yuri Korec, Andrej Petrovič, Peter Šavel, Marta Poláková and visual artist Andrej Dúbravský and Neil Curtis.

She is a representative of the first generation of independent choreographers of contemporary dance in Slovakia. She has been choreographing continuously since the early 1990s, when she founded the first independent dance group a dato. She has created thirty-one evening-length and shorter pieces, presented in Slovakia and abroad. Her choreographic work is characterized by detailed work with the body and an interest in authentic expressiveness. Since 2008, when she received a certificate in Laban Movement Analysis, she has been using the analysis as a choreographic tool and keeps inspired by Laban’s original ideas.

A graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (theatre theory and critisism) and the Department of Direction/ Dramaturgy at the Janáček Academy  in Brno. His main focus is physical theatre, with an overlap to the contemporary dance. He participated in the OBRYS project for the National Theatre in Brno (directed by J. Bartovanec). He co-directed the dance solo by T. Janypka New Orchards. In 2015, he co-founded the independent performative platform GAFFA for which he has created several projects. He collaborates with the NOMANTINELS Theatre and is the dramaturg of the Drama QUEER Festival.

Is a graduate of the J. L. Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Since 2010 she is a freelance dancer and teacher active on both the Czech and the international dance scene. She is most busy in her home company ME – SA in Prague. She was nominated for the Thalia Award 2016 for outstanding performance in the piece L/One of the Seven (choreography Andrej Petrovič).

Choreographer, dancer and teacher, co-founder of the successful dance collective Les SlovaKs.  He has collaborated with several important personalities of contemporary dance (Iztok Kovač, Mala Kline, Eva Weissmann, Katarína Zagorski, Magdalena Reiter). Since 2006 he has been creating performative pieces, such as the solo pieces Within (2006), Off-beat (2011), Solo 2016 (2016) and, since he founded Milan Tomášik & Co. he has choreographed the group performances Hunting Season (2014), Silver  Blue (2015) and Fight Bright (2018).

Graduated from the Eva Jaczová Dance Conservatory in Bratislava. She started dance career in the Slovak Nationale Theater ballet, where she performed several solos and main characters (Literary Fund Award). She worked in the Bratislava Dance Theater, later she performed in independent projects of the elledanse, Debris Company and Late Harvest Association. As a dancer, she has collaborated with recognized artists of the European scene (Magyar Fesztival Ballet, Prague Chamber Ballet, Company Michéle Anne d´May, Akram Khan Company, the CIE Laroque Dance Company, the Two Dogs Company, the Helsinki Dance Company). She currently works in the SND Ballet as a ballet master.

She focuses on contemporary dance and theater. She has created more then 15 performances. They performed regularly at home and abroad. The works Dance with Changing Parts (2018) and Patterns (2019), which she created in collaboration with the contemporary music Cluster ensemble were nominated for the Tatra Bank Foundation Award for Art 2018 and 2019. She founded and leads the international festival of contemporary dance and movement theater Nu Dance Fest, is a member of the editorial board of the magazine for contemporary art VLNA. She is active also as a activist in the field of cultural policies.

Works as a performer, choreographer, teacher and body oriented psychotherapist. She has worked centering in the awareness of a moving body understanding its expressive and healing potential since 2009. Roberta teaches dance at regular open classes and since 2020 at the Department of Physical Theatre at the Janáček Academy in Brno. She creates pieces rooted in the immediacy of a moment, mainly in solo and small scale inter-artistic collaborations

She is active on the Slovak contemporary dance scene as a choreographer, performer and lecturer. She studied dance at the J. L. Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica and aesthetics at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Her work is inspired mainly by everyday life and the micro-moments of knowledge in it. She has created two solo performances Autopilot and Autocorrect in which she uses intermedia and the Sounds of Silence project. Further collaborations: tl; dr and 10080 (T. Procházka, I. Dobrovodský, Batyskaf), Privates (D. Koššová), Bottoms Up (mimoOs), Manifest of Possibilities (P. Fornayová). She co-founded the TELOHRA educational project and is a member of the PlaST board.

Dance artist, performer and teacher, based in Zagreb (Croatia) and Berlin (Germany).
In her work as a choreographer, dance is always thought of as a relational gesture, her choreography extending from re-inventing body-based practices to re-appropriating performance formats. As a performer she has been working with choreographers Meg Stuart, Isabelle Schad, visual artist Sanja Iveković, and others.
She has received a several awards. She is a founder and producer of Antisezona program at the Contemporary Art Museum, the Improspekcije festival and the Fourhanded artistic organization.

Independent choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. She graduated from the J. L. Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica and from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Currently she is active in DEBRIS company. As a choreographer she contributes to various theatre productions and interdisciplinary projects. As a teacher she is active in Slovakia and abroad and focuses mainly on contemporary dance techniques and partnering together with the dancer Daniel Raček. She have received numerous awards: the jury award at SAITANA International Dance 2002 in Japan, the TAOS award 2009 (dance personality of the season) for the pieces Jablko (elledanse) and Hexen (Debris Company), and in 2012 the 3rd place in a competition of choreographic miniatures in Serbia for the choreography of Rose for the ensemble Balet Bratislava.

Is a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She is a a renowned teacher working around the world (Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Thailand, China, Hongkong) with over 25 years of experience. She combines her knowledge with the universal principles of taoism, her studies of Chinese medicide and chi kung to explore the nature of movement.

Was born in Slovakia, currently she is active in Germany and the Czech Republic as a dancer and choreographer. In her work, she uses the principles of performance, video and installation. She likes thinking in terms of permaculture and questioning failing utopias. She is asking herself often what are the fundamental things which has to be changed from the side of the artists in order to change the conditions of the labour and the care within its potential social impacts. She really likes to move like a reptile.