Slovak Dance Platform

Four organizations active in the field of production, presentation, promotion, reflection and documentation of contemporary dance in Slovakia: Bratislava in Movement Association, PLAST – Platform for Contemporary Dance, Theatre Institute Bratislava and Nu Dance Fest joined forces and together they organize the first ever edition of SLOVAK DANCE PLATFORM  in Bratislava.

Being one of the last countries in the region lacking a regular platform for the presentation of the crème de la crème of Slovak contemporary dance scene, we are very excited for this opportunity to introduce Slovak choreographers to the wider international professional community.

The original plan was to hold the platform in November 2020, due to the pandemic, we decided to postpone it to the end of May 2021, hoping for a much better situation that would allow for travelling, live performances and networking in person. However, observing the situation not only in Slovakia but all over Europe, we have decided to organize this first edition as an online event. We invite you to join us online and get a taste of the Slovak contemporary dance scene, before we could all reunite and meet in person.

The platform will showcase over 3 days in May the best and most innovative contemporary dance performances created by Slovak artists in the past two seasons. We received 53 applications from Slovak choreographers and companies. 11 performances were selected by dramaturgical board composed of curators, choreographers and dance critics. The program will feature the diversity and versatility of artistic approaches on Slovak dance scene, both conceptual and generational. Beside the streamed performances, you will have a chance to get to know the artists in conversations about their work, as well as in a live discussion.

The ambition of the organizers is to build Slovak Dance Platform as a regular biennial event.

We invite you to discover the Slovak dance. Up close.

Under the auspices of the Mayor of Bratislava, Mr. Matúš Vallo.

All videos will be made available to registered participants and ticket holders for a period of 7 days. 

Miroslava Kovářová

Bratislava in Movement Association
Supervisor / work program

Dana Freyerová

Bratislava in Movement Association
PR and media

Silvia Bakočková

dramaturgical board and program selection assistant

Maja Hriešik

dramaturgical board and program selection coordinator, work program

Katarína Ďuricová

technical coordination and production

Mária Lacková

Bratislava in Movement Association
guests / production

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Katarína Figula

Bratislava in Movement Association
main coordinator

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Katarína K. Cvečková

Katarína is a theatre critic reflecting contemporary dance, who writes for several professional media outlets. For five years, she was an editor of the journal kød – konkrétne o divadle, published by the Theatre Institute in Bratislava. She is co-founder of the independent cultural platform MLOKi and editor-in-chief of the internet theatre magazine mloki.sk. For the platform she also teaches and conducts workshops of critical thinking and writing (not only) about contemporary dance. As part of her postgraduate studies she does research on the tendencies of independent theatre and dance scene in Slovakia. She is a curator and board member of several festivals and dramaturge for dance and theatre productions.

Zuzana Hájková

Choreographer, teacher and director of the Dance Studio theatre in Banská Bystrica. Zuzana is a graduate of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. She was an intern at the Gyor ballet company in Hungary. Since 1995 she is based in Banská Bystrica, where she was artistic director of the ballet company of the State Opera, and founder and teacher at the dance department of the J. L. Bella Conservatory. In 1998 she founded the Dance Studio theatre, a professional dance company. She has cooperated with numerous theatres in Slovakia and abroad and has created more than twenty choreographies for the Dance Studio ((Sattó, Tichá púšť, Tak dávno som Ti nenapísala, Lososy, Jadro, Očista, Prevaha dobrého, Pastierka vlkov, Číra radosť). She is recipient of several awards for her choreographic work. Under her leadership, the Dance Studio has received the Mayor´s Award, the Minister of Culture´s Award, the Dosky Award and established itself as an authentic, consistent artistic company. Zuzana herself has become a distinctive personality promoting contemporary dance and theatre in Slovakia.

Honza Malík

Honza Malík is a Czech dancer, teacher, occasionally a choreographer, but more often a production manager. Honza has graduated from the Duncan Centre conservatory. He was co-founder and artistic director of the NANOHACH company (2004 – 2016) and PULSAR (2016 onwards). Honza has initiated a large number of contemporary dance projects, a series of discussions “Let´s talk about dance” and he has produced dozens of performances of his colleagues as well as the dance programme of the Prague Pride. For fifteen years he has been cooperating with the choreographer Michal Záhora.  Honza is member of the Czech initiative the Vision of Dance and co-dramaturge of the Nu Dance Festival (Bratislava). Since 2007 he has taught at the Duncan Centre Conservatory and has lectured dancers, dance teachers and participants of dance festivals in the Czech regions. He is recipient of several awards for his creative and managerial work.

Monika Čertezni

Monika is a graduate of the E. Jaczova dance conservatory. She was a member of the ballet company of the Slovak National Theatre and spent a study period at the MAPA Moving Academy of Performing Arts in Berlin. She has worked as a free-lance dancer and actor and has cooperated with major independent Slovak companies (A dato, Hubris/Debris, AS project, Stoka, Združenie pre súčasnú operu, Gourounaki). She has cooperated with the musician Marek Piaček on an improvisation multimedia cycle Sonatas No. 1 – 11. She is founding member of the dance collective Neskorý zber of 40+ dancers. She has been part of international productions with guest choreographers and of projects connecting visual arts and dance. She works at the Theatre Institute in the theatre research department.

Miroslava Kovářová

A graduate of the University of Economics and the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (dance pedagogy), where she completed her post-graduate studies as well. She was ballet master at the Slovak National Theatre, and later teacher and choreographer at the Nová Scéna Theatre. Since 1983 she has been faculty member at the dance creation department of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, since 2015 she is the head of the department. In the years 2006 – 2010 she was the chief dramaturge of the ballet ensemble of the Slovak National Theatre. She was dramaturge and executive director of the dance company Balet Bratislava and head of the dance company of the Nová Scéna Theatre. She is a practitioner of the Feldenkrais method. Since 1997 she has been artistic and until 2020 also the executive director of the international contemporary dance festival Bratislava in Movement.


THE BRATISLAVA IN MOVEMENT ASSOCIATION is a civic association working in the field of professional contemporary dance development. The main activity of BMA is to organize the Bratislava in Movement – International Festival of Contemporary Dance every year.

Except for performances the festival brings a program activating the community – workshops, lectures, discussions, film screenings and exhibitions. The festival represents Slovak dance scene in an international context and develops international cooperation.

During the 24 years of its existence, it presented 226 ensembles and artists from 28 countries, organized 74 accompanying events / 4 international interdisciplinary artistic projects, 2 art-educational projects, 10 site-specific projects, 42 workshops, 5 lectures, 4 exhibitions of dance photographs, 4 screenings, 2 international conferences /.

The festival presented the following important choreographers and companies: Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Peeping Tom, Russel Maliphant, José Navas, Marie Chouinard, Xavier Le Roy, Susanne Linke, Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Rui Horta, Cie. Drift, Ballet Preljocaj, Joseph Nadj, Granhøj Dans, Steve Paxton, Stephen Petronio Company.

THE BRATISLAVA IN MOVEMENT FESTIVAL was established in 1997 and shaped by a community of dancers and teachers from the Contemporary Dance Association founded in 1996. The aim of the association was to organize activities for the dance community and encompassed three areas: education, presentation of contemporary dance and its reflection. In 2000 the festival detached itself from the activities of the Contemporary Dance Association and its organization was taken over by the newly established BRATISLAVA IN MOVEMENT ASSOCIATION / www.abp.sk /.

Bratislava in Movement Association
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Contemporary Dance Platform (Slovak acronym: PlaST) is an independent umbrella organisation of 51 artist members and 9 organisations as honorary members which systematically works on creation of sustainable infrastructure and good conditions for contemporary dance, its growing visibility as a respected art form and a vital part of society. It was created in Bratislava in 2016 out of need of artists to protest against politically motivated interventions negatively influencing contemporary dance scene but it slowly grew to become a larger initiative initiating strategic steps for better funding and stronger inclusion of contemporary dance into national cultural strategies. In 2017 Contemporary Dance Platform launched and published a complex analysis of the state of financing and production conditions for dance creators in Slovakia within the period of years 2010 – 2016. Many of latter activities of the organisation came as a result of conclusions of given mapping. Currently its activities include organizing discussions and seminars on up to date problems, mapping and informing about current dance production, a project of systematic analysis, reviewing and discussions about current productions and informing general public about Slovak dance scene as such by means of a web portal www.plast.dance. In co-operation with Bratislava Self-Governing Region and cultural organisation Nadácia Cvernovka it is currently building a project of a Residential Centre for contemporary dance and performance art Telocvicna in Bratislava and in co-operation with partner institutions it is enganging in international promotion of Slovak contemporary dance.

Staré záhrady 14
821 05 Bratislava

The Theatre Institute (est. 1961) is an expert institution with a country-wide scope, which administers the Slovak theatre culture heritage including contemporary dance. The Theatre Institute manages the information system etheatre.sk, documentation funds, archive funds and collections, audiovisual and multimedia funds, and collections of gallery and museum value, all connected to theatre productions, significant figures, theatres and independent theatre and dance companies and is the biggest publisher of expert theatre literature in Slovakia. The Institute’s editing plan covers a wide range of publications regarding dance culture. They are accessible at the Information centre PROSPERO – Rudolf von Laban: Life for Dance. Memories, Richard Schechner: Performance: theory, practice, rituals, Eva Gajdošová: Súčasný tanec/Contemporary Dance. Made in Slovakia II. extended edition, Emil Tomáš Bartko: Slovak Dance Theatre Art Forms 1920 – 2010, Miklós Vojtek: Terpsichora Istropolitana. Dance in Pressburg of the 18th Century, Marta Poláková: The Freedom to Explore Dance.

The Theatre Institute collaborates with its partner institutions in Slovakia and abroad, especially with partner institutes and museums in the V4 countries. In international cooperation, the Theatre Institute can take advantage of its membership in international non-governmental organizations ITI, ENCIPA, IETM, SIBMAS and ICOM. An important mission of the Institute is to present Slovak theatre and dance abroad via supporting stands at fairs (Tanzmesse, PQ) as well as international exhibitions (theatre.sk) or hosting performances at festivals (Presentation of Slovak contemporary dance and theatre Slov: motion in Brussels, Rehearsal for Truth in New York, etc.).

The research and presentational project 10 Choreographers of Slovak Contemporary Dance aims to introduce a selection of dance projects reflecting a wide spectrum of original Slovak dance works. Individual profiles are based on an analysis of three productions from different periods of the given choreographer. Online catalogue captures the work of contemporary Slovak choreographers up to year 2019 and presents the diversity of the creative capacity within European context. Within the framework of project The Slovak Artists Abroad Fund, the Theatre Research Centre lays the groundwork for a complex research covering the work of Slovak dance artists abroad.

Jakubovo nám. 12
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+421 220 487 102

Is an international festival of contemporary dance and movement theatre established in 2006. Its original focus was to present the work of Slovak choreographers and directors as well as local productions and co-productions. The philosophy of the festival is to show pieces with an outstanding concept and a unique idea and to convey and shape the discourse in this artistic field. We see the festival as a specific period of time spent focusing on an art form, in this case on contemporary dance and movement theatre, and analyzing its complexity and development. We strive to create a compelling event inviting the audience to compare and reflect. An important aspect of presenting pieces is giving context to them – in round tables, discussions and dedicated dramaturgy. One of them is Nu Dance Nu Face – a section presenting the work of the upcoming choreographers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as Nu Dance Senior aimed at senior audiences. We systematically work with the youngest audiences by involving them in workshops and performances. Since its beginnings, the ambition of the festival has been to reach a wide range of viewers, and in 2021, the 16thannual festival will take place.

The main organizer of the Nu Dance Fest is Asociácia súčasného tanca (Contemporary Dance Association), which was founded in 1996. The association has produced more than 40 pieces, launched a dance film competition Nu Video Dance and has been part of the European projects Korespondance Europe or DancelabA3.

Anenská 1
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