Saturday, 03.06.2023, 20:00, Nová Cvernovka (outdoors)

Sapiens Territory is a performance for seven dancers which came out of a long-term international collaborative research.

Where does the body end and the behavioral patterns begin into which we try to fit our bodies day after day? Is it at all possible to distinguish between them or have they grown into a single inseparable entity after all those years, a little like a broken leg into plaster? In this piece, Yuri Korec explores the violence we inflict on ourselves to mask who we really are. But also the violence that protects us from ourselves and our surroundings, scrutinizing us almost all the time. He subjects it to a thorough repeated re-examination with a group of dancers. It will become clear very soon that, more than being shaped by the frameworks, we are shaped by how we define ourselves towards them. Sapiens Territory notices moments when the body suddenly betrays us in contact with them, dismisses obedience, does not cooperate. It will be only then, if we can be ourselves at all.

Concept, Choreography: Yuri Korec
Choreography, performance: Silvia Bakočková, Jakub Cerulík, Jakob Jautz, Anja Naňová, Silvia Sviteková, Alica Šaling, Michal Toman
Dramaturgy: Ivana Rumanová
Scenography, Light Design: Matúš Ďuran, Tomáš Hubinský
Music: Matúš Bolka
Production: Skrzprst


* limited capacity

** free entry for registered participants of Slovak Dance Platform // for other participants the entry is possible after purchasing a ticket for BRaK festival (on this link) and booking a place (on this link)

Juraj Korec

In 2018, Juraj graduated in a doctorate research program at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he has been teaching since 2015. Currently, he focuses on the production of his own pieces under the name Yuri Korec & Co. Within this label, we find the dance performances d-BODY-m (2017), Solo Not Just For One Body (2018), Not a Solo (2018), and Habibi 2196-18 (2018). Apart from many other aspects of our lives, the year 2020 influenced Yuri’s work too. He revisited Solo Not Just For One Body in order to make it into a new online version called SNPJT.online (2020). His latest work – Sapiens Territory (2020) is a performance of seven dancers which came out of a long-term international collaborative research. He also works in the field of body therapy, particularly ROLFING®, Structural Integration. In March 2011, he became the first certified Rolfer™ in Slovakia.