bees-R focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance. Since its foundation, the company has produced projects that generated precious and unique cooperation between emerging international artists, mainly in Slovakia and France. It has produced the works of Jana Terekova, such as Phenomena Research (dance-music-poetry-video, 2012), Cyborg Creation (dance-poetry, 2014), The Mirroring (dance-poetry-live music, 2017), She Had 70 Skirts (dance and marionettes, 2018-19), Fettered to The Moment (dance piece, 2020 and dance installation, 2021) Bariolé (dance piece, 2022) and Abnormal Repetitive Behaviour (dance piece, 2022)

Bod.Y – the brain child of Slovak dance artist Soňa Ferienčíková is a non-profit organisation focused on the creation and production of new dance works from young Slovak and international artists. BOD.Y´s interest is on contemporary dance for stage that fuse performative disciplines, as well as dance films, video art, and site specific performance. It also initiate the creation of new works and is open to proposals from artists from all fields. BOD.Y´s works are presented in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Spain and Latvia.

The civic association CHAOSMOS was established on the initiative of Soňa Kúdeľová and Boris Vitázek. It includes artists of dance, performative and audio-visual arts. It focuses on the creation and presentation of performative, movement and dance works, with an emphasis on visual aesthetics, supported by new media and technologies. The authors collaborate with several artists, create collective creative processes and thus develop diverse approaches to creation, through which they reflect the themes that resonate in them. CHAOSMOS also observes the performativity around ourselves. We perceive its diversity and uniqueness. We enjoy the vagueness of the term performance art. We want to explore it not only by observation but also directly. As part of our future activities, we want to foster several performative works, and create a dialogue or discussion with the artists.

Divadlo Štúdio tanca is the only theater dedicated to contemporary dance in Slovakia with its own artistic cast. It has been operating in Banská Bystrica since 1998. In its focus, it paves the way for original work that respects artists in their creative expression and opinion and continuously supports the creation of original dance productions and their regular presentation.

GAFFA is a professional theatre group that combines an experimental and authorial approach. An interdisciplinary crossing of theatre, perfromativity and physical theatre. The principle of their work is working with corporeality, which for them becomes an apparatus of contradiction and synaesthesia at the same time. Since 2016, they have created six original productions.

ME-SA was established in 2008. The company works as an open platform that combines author’s projects with inviting various guest choreographers both from Czechoslovak dance scene and abroad. In 2013, ME-SA became for the first time part of Aerowaves TOP 20 Priority Companies List thanks to project Much More Than Nothing created by duo Peter Šavel/Stano Dobák. The company got three times the nomination for “Dance Piece of the Year” Award. In 2015, one of ME-SA founders, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, was awarded “Dancer of the Year” Prize for her performance in SuperNaturals, another piece by ME-SA listed at Aerowaves Selection for 2015. For the performance in the solo project L – One of the Seven was Martina Hajdyla Lacová nominated for prestigious czech Thálie Award 2016. ME-SA has presented its projects at various festivals: APAP/NYC, Spring Forward, Czech Dance Platform, Tanec Praha, Edinburg Fringe etc.

The Late Harvest Association was founded in the autumn of 2014 by Monika Čertezni, Lucia Holinová, Daniel Raček and Anna Sedlačková, experienced dancers, choreographers and dance teachers who have been working in the field of contemporary dance for more than 25 years. The intention of the association is to create a space for sharing artistic views and statements of a mature generation of dance artists. The association is also interested in intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue and progressive pedagogical approaches. It adapts its productions to the outdoors and site-specific. It organizes annual educational workshops on progressive pedagogical approaches. Dancer and educator Katarína Vlniešková and light designer Jozef Miklós have enriched the membership.

Radical Empathy is an art group created in Autumn 2021 by Tomáš Danielis as a reaction to contemporary events. Its main goal is to support creating and distributing contemporary art pieces as sociological probes. Radical Empathy focuses primarily on creating performative art (dance and stand-up), original texts (mainly for performing arts), photography and media work. It does that without geographical restriction, but with (critical to) the European region and events in mind. The first art pieces created by the group had been Mainly Love inter-media performance (21st October 2021,Nuit Blanche Festival), Custom View – a dance performance performed in Moyzes Hall Bratislava (3rd May 2022), followed by the photographic exhibition Entelechiea in Artezka Detva (11th May 2022). People, whom participated on this 2 events are Tomáš Danielis, Marek Godovič, Soňa Kúdeľová, Zuzana Husárová, Lenka Sršnová Ľubomír Panák, Anthony Rouchier, Samuel Velebný (as curator of exhibition). In their work together they used, re-used and recycled besides documentary materials also works of David Bowie, Pat Matheny, Vladimír Godár, Gioachino Rossini and others.

The Civic Association Tanečno is an association of young people active in the field of art, culture and community organizing. The year-round activities are mainly based on the organization of the Orava Dance and Movement Festival – Tanečno, which has had six successful years. Among the aims of the civil association are the development, creation and preservation of cultural values and the support of education in the field of culture and art. The association also fulfills these goals by creating year-round artistic and educational activities, especially in the Orava region. The association also operates as a creative and performative collective (Passing/station, The urge grows, YOLT, Antrophos Anthem, Gentle man, Na hlasku, Be off…).