Štúdio tanca in Banská Bystrica was founded in 1998 by Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková. In the whole period of its existence it has strived for courage, authenticity, topicality and professional approach. It is strict in its artistic orientation and presents the work and supports the creators, their artistic expression and opinion. In this sense it is a unique institution in Slovakia.

In the 23 years of its existence, Štúdio tanca has played more than 1.400 performances, more than 350 of them on tour in Slovakia and abroad and has presented its pieces to a total audience of 120.000. The ensemble regularly appears in venues locally and it has represented Slovakia on prestigious international festivals in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Russia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Japan, India, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The company has been praised for its unique artistic profile and is a recipient of the Mayor of Banská Bystrica Award and the Award of the Minister of Culture among others. The latest accolade is the Dosky Award in the category of outstanding dance creation for the creators and the production 3×20 Women. In the current season the company boasts a strong ensemble of dancers from three continents.

Divadlo Štúdio tanca artistic ensemble is a collective of professional dancers from three different continents hailing from various dance backrounds. Among the main attributes of the company are its diversity, playfulness, precision and a general attitude of necessary distance from things. Along the shows at their home theatre in Central Slovakia the ensemble tours and is featured on festivals.  The company members also teach dance and movement and their artistic and human involvement has a significant impact not only on the (contemporary) dance scene in Banská Bystrica.

A professional theatre collective connecting an experimental and authorial attitude. Since 2016, GAFFA has produced Eva, V samote, Pomaly plynúce dni, Mimochodom, Negatív_eGOtrip, ↑&X / A P E N D I X and Neviditeľný hosť.

Covers the artistic and educational activities of six graduates of Academy of Performing arts in Bratislava: Eva Priečková, Barbora Janáková, Simona Tonková, Lukáš Bobalik, Andrej Štepita, Silvia Sviteková. The group members collaborate with renowned artists (A. Lachký, J. Korec, M. Poláková, P. Šavel, L. M. M. Balážová, Z. Méndez Marín and others) and they were part of domestic and foreign festivals (Bratislava in Motion, Kiosk, NuDanceFest, Hybaj ho!, reSITE, Front @, Tanzimpulze, Fintdaz etc.). MimoOs organized a series of Body-Voice-Community workshops and in 2018, they founded the Telohra educational program.

Production platform for collective of authors led by Katarína Brestovanská.

An artist collective that produces pieces and is active in supporting contemporary physical theatre, dance, performance or clown art. It was founded by the graduates of the Physical Theatre Studio led by Pierre Nadaud at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.  Since 2013 the members have collaborated, as a group, with Daniel Gulka, Jaro Viňarský or Dominique Boivine among others. Their portfolio contains over a dozen of their own projects that have been presented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and Israel.

The tri4 collective was established in 2014 with the aim to provide space for creators of dance and theatre productions. In addition to Repast choreographed by Milan Tomášik, they have premiered the debut dance solo by Lukáš Homola Solus (2016) and the group piece Erosion (2017).

Yuri Korec & Co. is a project platform and art brand of the choreographer and performer Juraj Korec. Since 2017, it presented several evening-length dance productions (d-BODY-m, Sólo nielen pre jedno telo (2018), Nesólo (2018) and the group performance Sapiens Territory (2020)). The main focus of the Yuri Korec & Co. pieces is the phenomenon of the presence of the human body and its interaction with its surroundings. Its creative processes experiment with the forms of movement in interaction with other artistic media and explore the relationship between the actors and the spectators. Artistic cooperations under the name Yuri Korec & Co. are produced by the Skrzprst association, which specializes in educational activities in the area of contemporary dance and also works with the youngest generation of dance artists.