Eva Priečková a Zuzana Žabková: Bodies in Trouble

Thursday, 27.05.2021, 13:00,

“This is my head and I will separate it from the body so that I can say there is my head.” (J. Juhás)

We started off with little dances with John Zorn and Keiji Haino in 2014. We threw cabbage heads into the corner of the stage. Later we met to dance this time with girls – outsiders, weirdos, girls who wear aluminium hats, girls uttering long tones and winning beauty contests whispering that we failed because of an intellectual error. We are inserting our fingers into the folds of a slightly torn hoodie. Moon cup on the floor has been chewed into pieces by the cat. The head is still rolling around in the corner. Bloody moments. This is becoming very personal. The sperm tastes best after eating a pineapple, whereas the crisps taste best while having a period. We have failed. Bloody moments.

Concept, Choreography: Eva Priečková, Zuzana Žabková
Performance: Eva Priečková, Zuzana Žabková
Scenography: Nik Timková
Light Design: Jozef Čabo
Music Supervision: Jakub Juhás
Production: Ivo Dobrovodský, Fuga