Marta Poláková: Endless Shift

Friday, 28.05.2021, 13:00,

Two beings. Two energies. Two opposites. The tension between them shifts the distance. Relationship in the infinite oscillation of reflection and rest. Who is who? Is it important?

The basic idea of the choreography was to look for possibilities how to grasp, with minimal means of expression, the existential question of tension, which is the essence of life. A tension that vibrates and oscillates, that is sometimes invisible and sometimes so evident that it obscures everything else. The existence of tension presupposes the existence of opposites – their examination was the second idea of choreography. The circle is the final idea of the choreography. Its qualities such as secretiveness, autonomy and symmetry nourished the work. The use of masks originally had only one goal – to draw attention to the body, but perhaps it creates the opposite tension. Finally, it also refers to our current experience.

Concept: Marta Poláková
Choreography: Marta Poláková & co
Performance: Silvia Sviteková, Lukáš Bobalík
Music: Martin Polák, Tibor Feledi
Costumes: Simona Vachálková
Masks: Marek Štuller
Light Design: Robert Polák