Martin Hodoň, Dáša Čiripová / Neskorý zber / Gaffa: MATTER

Thursday, 01.06.2023, 18:00, P*AKT

01. Do you see that bridge?

010. Do you see that wooden bridge?

0101. You see the wooden bridge but you don’t see the stone bridge.

0. What is the stone bridge?

010101. It’s one that let donkeys cross, let horses cross.


Origin: Púchov forests

Age: 49

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 75 kg


Origin: Slatinské lazy

Age: 60

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 55 kg

A dance duet of maturity on the verge of rottenness, at the meeting point of contemporary dance and physical theatre, depicts the genesis of one master – from admiration and enchantment to asymmetry and disgust. In the beginning there was attraction, instinct, which after a while was replaced by the predominance of the strength and power of the body. Hierarchy.

“The performance matter uses parody as its backdrop in order to give way the feelings of the approaching retirement age of dance performers. At the same time, it thematizes the state of our society, the position and relevance of dance, dancers and choreographers. The balanced acting and movement vocabulary of experienced performers allows them to approach heavy issues with lightness, playfully make themselves the objects of the humour. The piece, based on the lives of the creators, which has proven to be appealing to a wider spectrum of audiences, not only the dance one was. It was directed by Martin Hodoň, known for numerous collaborations with the dancers and for combining the movement with text, with a strong contribution of the dramaturg and in this case also the surprisingly mature performer Dáša Čiripová. The piece, promises an exceptional experience and the opportunity of much-needed (self)reflection.”

(Petra Fornayová)

Director: Martin Hodoň

Dramaturgy: Dáša Čiripová

Choreography: RASEMA

Sound design: Dominik Suchý

Light design/set/costume: matoha

Technical support: Lukáš Kubičina

Dance/performance: Anna Sedlačková, Dáša Čiripová, Daniel Raček

Production: GAFFA co-produced by KC P*AKT

Co-production: Neskorý zber

Thanks to: CO.Labs Brno

Supported by: Slovak Arts Council

Martin Hodoň

Martin Hodoň is a graduate of theatre studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, later he continued his studies at JAMU in Brno in directing-dramaturgy under the guidance of prof. Josef Kovalčuk. His work was mainly devoted to original and physical theatre with an overlap into contemporary dance. He completed his doctoral studies at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava and his research area was the relationship between performance art and performing arts. In Bratislava in 2015 he founded the independent performance platform GAFFA together with Dáša Čiripová and Zuzana Némethová, which has produced the projects EVA, Slowly Flowing Days, Negative_eGOtrip, Invisible guest, s p e e c h, By the Way, A P E N D I X, C R ASH, The Village.

Neskorý zber / The Late Harvest Association

The Late Harvest Association was founded in the autumn of 2014 by Monika Čertezni, Lucia Holinová, Daniel Raček and Anna Sedlačková, experienced dancers, choreographers and dance teachers who have been working in the field of contemporary dance for more than 25 years. The intention of the association is to create a space for sharing artistic views and statements of a mature generation of dance artists. The association is also interested in intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue and progressive pedagogical approaches. It adapts its productions to the outdoors and site-specific. It organizes annual educational workshops on progressive pedagogical approaches. Dancer and educator Katarína Vlniešková and light designer Jozef Miklós have enriched the membership.


GAFFA is a professional theatre group that combines an experimental and authorial approach. An interdisciplinary crossing of theatre, perfromativity and physical theatre. The principle of their work is working with corporeality, which for them becomes an apparatus of contradiction and synaesthesia at the same time. Since 2016, they have created six original productions.