Thursday, 01.06.2023, 20:30, A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture

When animals are deprived of their natural environment, locked in inappropriate spaces, in a ZOO, circus, or laboratory, they tend to develop abnormal repetitive behaviors. Picking at nothing, floating limbs, head banging, head waving, pacing, or dancing are the names that scientists have given to the stereotypical movements of animals in captivity. In her new creation, Jana Tereková creates weird, possessed, alienated, troubled and troubling bodies which are able to turn into calm bodies instantly, stretching out time, doing nothing or too less, carrying out rituals without apparent sense, inefficient and unnecessary. They draw the spectator into a strange universe that fascinates, hypnotizes, where time seems suspended. The beings on the stage are distant yet intimately familiar. They are animals, imaginary creatures, objects, humans. The work can be received as an ironic and bitter action in the face of general inaction, ignorance and arrogance. And as a praise of long time and boredom, creating a counterweight to the world obsessed with utility and efficiency that has reduced nature and non human animals in consumer goods.

“In her works, choreographer and dancer Jana Tereková systematically exploresthe dancing body, the limits of dance, movement structures. Dancers are provoked to work against their emblematic movement, thus she eagerly revises the dance vocabulary and incites a discussion on the development and character of dance with her creations. By focusing on artistic research and reflecting merely scientific subjects, she is quite unique in the context of the Slovak dance scene. Her most recent work Abnormal Repetitive Behaviour, is a beautiful example of this – the starting point for new dance material is the movement of animals held in long-term captivity.”

(Michaela Pašteková)

Choreography: Jana Tereková

Dance and creation: Edita Antalová, Daniel Raček, Jana Tereková

Sound design, music: Joseph Champagnon

Costumes: Gabriela Čechová

Lights: Jozef Miklós

Jana Terekova

Jana Terekova is choreographer and dancer active between Bratislava and Paris. She is the author of several dance pieces for stage and of site-specific performances. Jana’s work clearly focuses on movement and physicality and can be more or less abstract, depending on the project. The artistic desire relates to the exploration of the body’s possibilities to metamorphose, to become something else. She creates bodies which are situated „in between”: half human half machine, between thing and living being, or unidentified not quite human being, and bodies who blur the border between human and animal.


bees-R focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance. Since its foundation, the company has produced projects that generated precious and unique cooperation between emerging international artists, mainly in Slovakia and France. It has produced the works of Jana Terekova, such as Phenomena Research (dance-music-poetry-video, 2012), Cyborg Creation (dance-poetry, 2014), The Mirroring (dance-poetry-live music, 2017), She Had 70 Skirts (dance and marionettes, 2018-19), Fettered to The Moment (dance piece, 2020 and dance installation, 2021) Bariolé (dance piece, 2022) and Abnormal Repetitive Behaviour (dance piece, 2022)