Juraj Korec

In 2018, Juraj graduated in a doctorate research program at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he has been teaching since 2015. Currently, he focuses on the production of his own pieces under the name Yuri Korec & Co. Within this label, we find the dance performances d-BODY-m (2017), Solo Not Just For One Body (2018), Not a Solo (2018), and Habibi 2196-18 (2018). Apart from many other aspects of our lives, the year 2020 influenced Yuri’s work too. He revisited Solo Not Just For One Body in order to make it into a new online version called SNPJT.online (2020). His latest work – Sapiens Territory (2020) is a performance of seven dancers which came out of a long-term international collaborative research. He also works in the field of body therapy, particularly ROLFING®, Structural Integration. In March 2011, he became the first certified Rolfer™ in Slovakia.